Midweek Session

MIDweek Session 3

God Space

If you want to increase the quantity and quality of your conversations about your faith or don't feel competent or confident enough to begin a spiritual conversation, this class is for you.  In this class, you'll find practical stories that reveal solid principles for engaging people in spiritual conversations.
(Facilitator: Pastor Josh -- Room 203)

Jesus Among Secular Gods
We live in a world where many reject the existence of God or have many questions or assumptions concerning God.  And often, these questions are aimed at Christians.  "You're a Christian, aren't you?  How can you believe in a God who..."  Have you ever found yourself in this situation?  Do these kinds of situations leave you feeling overwhelmed or unprepared?  This class will help you to understand some of the prevailing worldviews in our day and prepare you to articulate the Christian faith in response to many of these questions.
(Facilitator: Pastor Dusty -- Room 201)

Captured by Grace
Some people who have been Christians for many years aren't clear on the difference between mercy and grace.  Grace is receiving what we don't deserve, while mercy is not receiving what we do deserve.  We don't deserve salvation, but grace saves us.  We do deserve judgment, but mercy spares us.  Captured by Grace is all about the multifaceted jewel of grace.  It will open up vistas of grace you may be unfamiliar with.  Most Christians know they were saved by grace but are not aware that they live by grace, nor do they know that grace is the pathway leading them to their heavenly home for eternity.  Grace is the past, present, and future of the Christian.  Have you been Captured by Grace?  Even if you're thankful for the grace that saved you, there may be more grace yet to be experienced.  In this study, Dr. David Jeremiah reveals the less-familiar aspects of grace, such as its plan, power, promise, and prospect -- as well as the paradox of grace.  If your Christian life is not what you know it could and should be, it may be lacking grace.
(Facilitator: Pastor Greg -- Room 204)

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