Kaos (Middle School Students)

A ministry to middle school students in grades 6-8. Each Wednesday, we meet at 6:45pm during MIDweek for praise and worship led by our youth band, and, of course, we play games. We then take time to examine the Bible to see how God worked in history and how he still is working today. We also break into small groups to dig deeper into what God is teaching us about how He loves us, how to follow Him, and how we can, in turn, love others. On Sunday mornings, we meet from 9:45am to 10:30am for Bible & Life Groups to take a deeper look at the Bible and what exactly happened in the stories we read and know. Kaos is just that ― a ministry to students who are dealing with all sorts of chaos in their lives. Our goal is to provide a place to focus ourselves on God, whether it be by talking with a leader or talking to a peer from another school. The ultimate goal of Kaos is to point students to Christ. Each summer, our middle school youth participate with The Pittsburgh Project on the North Side of Pittsburgh. They come together with students from all over the nation to do service work all around the city. 


Konnect (High School Students)

We gather each Wednesday at 6:45pm during MIDweek to play together, sing together (led by our youth band), and we look at the Bible and how our Creator God worked in the lives of people thousands of years ago and how He still works with and loves us today. The message this world is selling us is not the message God has for us, so we dig into the Bible to find what God actually has for us. We also gather on Sunday Mornings from 9:45am to 10:30am for Bible Study.

In case anyone has gotten the wrong idea, let us assure you … high school is very, very hard. Our goal is to provide a place where students are encouraged. A place where they are accepted. A place where they can “konnect” ― where they can "konnect" with each other, where they find out that several people in several different school districts are going through similar struggles and are excited about similar things.

It is our primary goal that students will connect with Jesus Christ, the One who accepts them no matter what ― the One who loves them no matter where they’ve been. Connecting with Jesus Christ and living, learning, and working together with others who are also pursuing a relationship with Him will bring us all closer.

Each summer, our students spend a week serving others. This past summer, we worked in a small community in West Virginia, doing construction and home repair and getting to know those less fortunate than us. 

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